Friday, February 25, 2011

Testimonial : Tan Sok Neam

Tan Sok Neam

Problems: Overweight, Thyroid Hormones

When I took a packet of Fiber in 2004, I had dark stools 5 times in one day. From that day onwards, I realized that even if I passed motion everyday and ate a lot of vegetables and fruits, my guts would still have a lot of problems. I started by taking a packet of Fiber and Greens. When the amount was increased to 2 packets of Greens, I started to have heavy vaginal discharge, my hands were numb and my heart palpitated badly.

Once I went for a trip to Sabah with my cousin, my thyroid glands swell like a bowl on my neck. My cousin advised me to give up the products, but I was confident of the products. Because of my perseverance, in just 4 months, I was able to see the results from the products. The products cured my thyroid, numbness in my hand, migraine and gynecological problems, which are all my health problems. The products also helped me transformed from a fat lady into a beautiful lady and I do not have a bowl-like neck anymore.

Now, when I go out, no one call me AUNTIE anymore, but called me a young lady instead. PHHP has turned my life and successfully changed my image. PHHP has also helped me to achieve my dreams of having a happy and wonderful life.

2 Packets of Greens with Aloe Vera Juice every morning and evening
1 Packet of Fiber every night

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