Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

What a fantastic Year 2009!!! I bet 2010 will be even more exciting!!! Plan ahead for 10.10.10.

Would like to take this rare opportunity to thank all friends who had helped me in a way or another. You guys are the best! Looking forward to carve a new 2010 together with you guys! Keep in touch!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Have a break! Have a holiday!

Hahaha.... Guess where I have been? Meditating? Something like that... well, to relax a little - clear blue sky and green wide paddy field is just a perfect getaway! What an amazing pose, huh?

Tell you where I went! Look! That's right. All the way to Kulim. Also went to Padang Serai. Where is it? Alor Setar loh...

After a wonderful recharged weekend, it's back to PHHP goals setting and start moving your butt!!!

Guys, please remember, make use of every opportunity to widen your business. You will never know who will be your next Crown President (CP).


Tuesday, December 8, 2009


What's good in Seremban? Crab!!! Of Course!!!

That's what we had after our 1 day NDS. We are prepared for 2010. So pumped up! Looks like everyone is ready for 2011 PHHP Beijing Travel Awards! Add oil! So as long as we keep our focus and keep on going, we can achieve our goals!!!

Heh! Heh! Hehhhh...! You will really need to try it for yourself. Seriously!

Are you really convinced now? I wonder how much did he got paid for 'advertising'!

If you want to take photo with any of the above 'celebrities', please come this Thursday - Home Party in Puchong Office. 8:30pm.

No crabs but got other stuff... hahaha!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Activities for the Month of December 2009

More activities? You bet!. Again, please make good use of them to build a strong foundation for the year 2010. Cheers!

30 December (Wednesday) Seremban. 7pm. Countdown. CP Adeline Yee and CP Lim Siew Peng. Pot Luck Style. Bring something 'special' to share. Don't have to be much. Cheers!

1 January 2010 (Friday) Klang. 8:30pm. CP Chong Yin Onn.

4 January 2010 (Mon) Puchong. 8:30pm. CP Chong Yin Onn.

27 December (Sunday) Menara PGRM. 10am - 6pm. Business Planning. Please be prepared. Bring along your cut out dreams - photo of a car, house, vacation destination, camera, ring, cup...

17 December (Thursday) Puchong. 8:30pm. CP Lee Chee Lan. Leader's Meeting. For Manager and above.
Dress code : PHHP T-Shirt. Don't be late!

14 December (Monday) Puchong. 8:30pm. CP Lim Siew Ying.

10 December (Thursday) Puchong. 8:30pm. Home Party.

07 December (Monday) Puchong. 8:30pm. OPP. CP Amy and CP Alan Lim.

06 December (Sunday) Seremban. 10am-6pm. NDS.