Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

DIY Izumi Facial Party

Well, the party went well. Turnout was : Packed. Response was : Unexpected. Overall Rating : Successful!

Participants first get some knowledge about our skin type and method of taking good care of our skin - especially our face.

Then, a little demo and step by step on using our Izumi range of facial product.

Finally, hands on. Participants eagerly start tying out the product. Everyone was Happy!

If you have missed this party, there will be another one this Saturday at Puchong Office. 12pm - 4 pm. It's only RM20. Come and experience it yourself.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Activity for Feb 09


After a long long holiday mood. We are back! The highlight is on 1st March 2009. Another must not missed event of the year. See you guys tonight.

This is the Activity for the month of Feb 09

Feb 19 - 8:30pm Puchong Office. RM20 Izumi Facial Party. Where we teach you how to use the Izumi range of facial product on your own face!

Feb 20 - 8:30pm Klang Office. CP Eric Chia : How to lead New Member. It's all about network and people. CP Eric Chia releases his secret of 'what to do with new members'

Feb 21 - 12-4pm. Puchong Office. RM20 Izumi Facial Party. If you missed the Feb 19, here's another one. Bring along your friends (ladies and gentleman).

Feb 23 - 8:30pm. Puchong Office. CP Mr Kuah : How to be success. CP Mr Kuah was just doing a car inspection for living before he joined PHHP. Now, he has a strong, growning network. How he did it, let him tell you.

Feb 27 - 8:30pm. Klang Office. CP Mr Ong : Ozone Air. Newly crowned CP Mr Ong is an expert in PHHP Ozone Air and PHHP Water Filter. He has done lots of comparison and in-depth studies about PHHP Ozone Air. Quality Air, Quality Life!

March 1 - 7:00pm. Jinjang. Central Region Recognition Night. RM60. Includes wonderful dinner, shows, lucky draw. Come and relax. Release your February tension! Please make your booking fast! ASAP.

David NK Lim (012 3212 797)