Saturday, February 19, 2011

PHHP Ophira Collagen

PHHP OPHIRA COLLAGEN (7 gram x 30 sachets)
West Malaysia (WM): RM128

High in Vitamin C and Vitamin A."

"This product contains no preservatives and colorings. Slight variation in product appearance may occur due to the properties of natural ingredients."

The benefits of the PHHP Ophira Collagen are as follows:

• Skin care benefits include diminishing wrinkles and eye-bags, skin becomes radiant and fairer, dark pots fade and become lighter.
• Strengthens nails and makes hair glossy.
• Improves muscle joint conditions.
• Tones women users’ breasts and improve suppleness.
• Increases suppleness of muscles and improves sagging.

Content: 30 Sachets X 7gm

Recommend Consumption: Briskly mix 2 sachets of collagen with 100ml of cold water. Recommend to be taken night time before sleep.

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