Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fiber new Price!

Please be informed that Phyto Fiber will be sold at RM75 for member's price starting next year 1st January 2011.

Price has been the same for 14 years! Due to increasing cost and stuff, company need to do a little adjustment.

ps: Trust me on the Sun Block!


Marketing Plan

This is the overview of the Marketing Plan. There are a total of 11 Bonuses. Bonus are given fairly in the manner of 'Do more, get more'. If you do not understand how it works, contact your upline or your friend who introduce you. Or, you can always call me.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

PHHP Phyto Fiber

Phyto Fiber is a mixture of dietary fiber from fruits and plants which is blended scientifically and to be consumed as a juice drink. It is an effective colon cleanser and a good choice for weight control.


Health drink manufactured by PHHP Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (Co. No. 667302X) . A product which is developed to give the best result to help maintain good hygiene of gastro intestinal tract using natural resources.

High fiber content foods are an effective colon cleanser and also a safe way to help reduce body weight. A rich amount of fiber is capable of effectively breaking down and eliminating excessive fats in the body, increasing metabolic rates, and getting rid of flabbiness.


Fruit and Vegetable Sources: Bean, Barley, Roselle, Hawthorn Berry, Psyllium Husk, Oats, Brown Rice, wheat husk, seed and whole grain which is the source for mucilage, pectin, cellulose, lignin and some hemicelluloses. Net Weight for 1 sachet is 20gm


Briskly mix one sachet of Phyto Fiber into a shaker with 200-250 of cold or icy water. The product may also be consumed with any mixed fruit juice. Shake the container well for about 5 seconds and it will be ready by then. Advisable time to consume is during daytime.


Improves normal function of the intestine, lowers the risk of colon cancer, arteriosclerosis, piles and appendicitis. Improves peristaltic movement of the intestine, increases the speed of stool elimination, so as the toxin elimination. Besides that, it can also help to lower the absorption of sugar and to control blood sugar.

Helps to control body weight because it will bulk up when mixed with water and provides a sense of fullness, without increasing the calories content in food. Its gummy substance can lubricate the intestine to help the stool elimination and at the same time it can help to eliminate the coprostasis and waste in the intestine. Medical report had also pointed out that it could help to lower the blood cholesterol and sugar absorption.


According to a report, the cause of many diseases is related to our gastro-intestinal tract. In other words, unhealthy gastro-intestinal tract is the actual culprit of most diseases.

Expert of large intestinal health has pointed out that, 90% of the modern chronic diseases are due to the poor functions of the intestinal tract. Furthermore, colorectal cancer has been predicted to become the main killer in the 21st century.

Large intestine is just like a sewerage system, residue of undigested food has to pass through this tract before it is eliminated from our body. The intestinal tract is not a broad pathway, but narrow and curvy. So, the process of waste elimination is not as easy as you can imagine.


*Relieves diarrhea, absorbs the excessive water in the intestine.

*Natural intestine lubricant, improves the flow of stool elimination.

*Helps to eliminate the coprostasis that is trapped in the body, lowers the risk of colon cancer.

*Improves peristaltic movement, relieves constipation and problem like pile and bad breath.

*Effective colon cleanser, enhances the environment for the growth of beneficial bacteria.

*Controls the fat and cholesterol level in the body, lowers the synthesis of bad cholesterol.

*Provides a feeling of fullness, effective to weight control.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Detox - You will Love it!

For friends who is visiting my blog for the very first time. What's this all about? Detox & Cleansing! Basically, it's a simple program to Clean the dirtiest part of our body - Colon! What does that cost? Not a bomb, but just RM20 for 3 days!

Give it a try today! Detox - You'll Love it!

You can contact me @ 012 3212 797 or email me
Cash On Delivery within Klang Valley area.
For POS delivery: will be charged according to Poslaju current rate.
You can also purchase in a box (15 packets) RM68 (member), RM85 (non member)

New Crown President - October 2010

15 November 2010. Recognition for those who have been promoted and achieved target! We've got 3 new CP! And they are just like you and me.

CP Krystal Khew

CP Albert Lim

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Shitting!! (Pang Sai Program) – Phyto Fiber and Green

Happy Shitting!! (Pang Sai Program) – Phyto Fiber and Green

by SUZY on SEPTEMBER 25, 2008

Phyto Green

My first impression is i thought it another same usual MLM marketing product. So unrelectance to buy Phyto Fiber after convinced by my Aunty Cecilia. I was busy watching Moonlight Resonance last episode.. in the other hand my Aunties was discussing and busying fill in the form and taking the order for Phyto Fiber and Green.. it so annoying the noise that they make that how excited toward that products while the drama Moonlight Resonance is even more thrilling. When they told me how marvelous is the products.. I only ohh, just “fu hin” them ahh…. issit.. good ahh.. But later on they said.. trust me.. after you consume it.. u going to be slim down.. i can see you have a bit water retention (sui zong)… u better consume and clear the toxin.. after consume, your pimple and acne will gone immediately.. then also it clear your intensine in your body and there are various benefit for your health purpose. they seem to be very hard sell on this products which i don’t really trust them…

wait till the next day, they non stop persuading me again.. then they gave me the sample pack.. after consume it.. within 2 hour – 7 hour.. i came feel the effect.. my stomach is making a noise.. just like washing machine washing cloth.. slight pain.. i went for about 3 times that night… u will have effect like fullness that u don’t even want to eat your lunch and dinner… haha.. very good if i took this few times and treat it as diet pill. i have no regret and have change toward this product and decide to blog over here how effective it is… i didn’t pay for this one.. it really marvelous.. i don’t trust any MLM products until i feel this Phyto Fiber. it change my feeling.. i have bought 2 sets consist of Phyto Fiber and Green for me and my mom. She always complaints that she have difficulty in bowel movement. Here mom, for you.. for your healthy health.. i hope it clear are the toxin and make you fresh everyday. the 2 sets it cause about RM312.00. by then, i have been upgraded to become a free member for life.

greenandfiber 300x250 Happy Shitting!! (Pang Sai Program)   Phyto Fiber and Green

read below for what benefits for Phyto Fiber :-

High Fiber

The Phhp Phyto Fiber is rich in fibers such as Roselle, Oats, Hawthorn Berry, Psyllium Husk and so on, which help to meet your daily needs of plant fiber.

Without Burden

It helps relieve the coprostasis trapped in the body and dissolve the excessive fats, which results in an unexpected amazing comfort as well as a relaxing feeling.

Marvellous Taste

It is consists of the ingredients of phyto plants and fruits. The tasty flavour is specifically designed for many fancies.

i do research on it but doesn’t have much information . don’t’ worry, it save to consume with valid registration from Malaysia Food Government Body.. if you wish to know more how it work, you may visit their website

I am already a member, for those who want to buy this products may email me or drop me a comments. Thanks!

PHHP Phyto Fiber - Order

Our main and best selling products are PHYTO FIBER and PHYTO GREENS.

NO member fee required. Just purchase 3 boxes of Phyto Fiber RM75 x 3 = RM225 to register as a lifetime member.

For those who have not tried the fiber before, try our trial pack RM20.

Easy business with only RM22

For more information and order,
do contact:
David Lim 012 3212 797

Produk yang paling laris, PHYTO FIBER dan PHYTO GREENS.

TANPA yuran keahlian. Hanya beli 3 kotak RM75 x 3 = RM225 automatik jadi ahli seumur hidup.

Kepada yang tidak pernah minum Phyto Fiber, cubalah pek permulaan RM22.

RM20 bisnes sangat mudah.

Maklumat lanjut dan pesanan, sila
David Lim 012 3212 797

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dietary Fiber

Patients with colorectal or anorectal problems are generally unaware of how their own bowel habits may vary from normal. Since their problems usually stem from childhood, representing lifelong habits, and since they have no standards for comparison, most patients assume that their function is normal.

Most patients who develop colon cancer, diverticulosis, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, fistula and fissure have had a lifelong history of difficulty with their bowels. In most instances, they suffer from chronic habit constipation.

The usual cause of chronic constipation is a lack of adequate dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is generally obtained from plant foods, and consists of that portion of the plant which is not digested by man. While the sugars, starches and vitamins are broken down into nutrients and are absorbed by our intestines, the cell walls are not digested and go on to form an important component of the stool, the bulk or roughage. An example of dietary fiber is cellulose, and a food which is high in fiber is wheat bran.

Correcting the fiber inadequacy in one's diet will help one to achieve normal bowel movements and normal bowel habits. If damage has taken place, as in the development of diverticulitis, the adjustment of one's dietary fiber intake may prevent further deterioration of the damage over time. The decision as to how much fiber to use in the face of pre-existing conditions should be made in consultation with your doctor.

For the bowels to work properly, a lifelong daily intake of 25-30 grams, or about one ounce of dietary fiber daily, is required. After the digestion of all proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and the absorption of water and other nutrients in the small intestine, the colon (the last five feet of the intestine) receives approximately one pint of liquid stool together with the undigested fiber.

Under normal circumstances, the colon gradually removes the remaining water, and forms a shaped stool, which moves toward the rectum as a result of gentle pressure waves. In people who eat too little of fiber-containing foods, the stool becomes hard, dry and small. Whereas the soft, bulky stool can move easily along the passage of the colon, the hard, dry stool sticks to the dry wall of the colon and requires that the colon develop high-pressure waves to be moved. Years pass, and the colon is no longer capable of generating such high pressure waves. The colon now requires assistance to push along the hard, dry stool, and the abdominal muscles begin to contribute the necessary force. This we call "straining." The straining produces pressure on all of the abdominal wall, forcing the development of hernias, varicose veins (due to pressure on the long veins of the legs), hiatus hernia (upward pressure forcing the stomach into the chest), diverticulitis and diverticulosis (weakening and infection of the colon wall), hemorrhoids, anal fissures and fistulae. Colorectal cancers may also be more common in patients with lifelong habit constipation. This may be due to the concentrated exposure of carcinogens to the colonic surface, as a result of the hard dry stool and its slow movement or evacuation.

Normal Bowel Habits
It is normal for one to have one or two soft, formed easily passed bowel movements a day, without any effort or straining. The British term is a "bowel action," and literally one should be able to evacuate promptly and easily. This is not the case for most Americans, some of whom have the best "bathroom libraries" in the world, and some of whom actually reserve this time for reading the daily newspaper-cover to cover. The habit of reading in the bathroom is simply a reflection of inadequate function.

It is not normal to miss moving one's bowels on any given day. It is not normal to solve the problem by taking a laxative. If your bowels move daily, but with difficulty or straining, if your stool is dry or hard, or if you don't move your bowels daily, you need to adjust your diet for the right amount of fiber intake.

Normal Physiology
When there is adequate fiber in the diet, the fiber (viewed as millions of tiny water attracting particles) mixes with the stool. Each particle soaks up available liquid, and enlarges into a minute gel bead. These particles give the stool size shape and moisture, making it easy for the colon to move along easily.

To work properly two other circumstances must also be right; adequate water for absorption, and adequate lubrication of the colon lining. We require 8-10 (8 or 10 ounce) large glasses of water daily. Water can be any liquid, whether it is tea, coffee, milk, fruit juices, soft drinks, or other beverages that agree with you. Milk products may be particularly gassy, due to the fermentation of milk sugar, i.e., lactose, in the colon.

In order to lubricate the passage, the colon manufactures mucous. If the colon is dry, i.e., one has too little mucous, or drinks too little water, the stool will be hard and dry and will stick to the colon requiring that one strain to eliminate.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

PHHP Central Region Grand Opening

This is it! Everyone's been waiting for. PHHP Central Region Grand Opening. 7th November 2010 Sunday 10am. Please inform your friends so that they can book down the date. Bring along a few friends. It will be fun!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Latest Promotion

First ever in the market - Silk Mask. Promotion for October 2010 only. Get it today!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Activity for October 2010

Well, here we go. Activities for the month of October 2010. 3 more months for the year 2010. Guys! Make good use of it!

4th October 2010 Monday 8:30pm Puchong Office.
PHHP Ophira Collagen Talk by CP Geh Ciu Mei

7th October 2010 Thursday 8:30pm Puchong Office.
Home Party. Once every 2 month - Super Career Testimonial.

10th October 2010 Sunday 12:30 - 6pm Puchong Office.
NDO - New Distributor Orientation. Learn all that you need to now for New Members. Please submit your Registration Form on Monday 4th October 2010.

11th October 2010 Monday 8:30pm Puchong Office.
Motivation Talk by CP Jenny Chin

18th October 2010 Monday 8:30pm Puchong Office.
JTS (Journey To Success) & Beijing Travel Awards Presentation

25th October 2010 Monday 8:30pm Puchong Office.
Motivation Talk by CP Lim Siew Ying

Friday, September 24, 2010

Enjoy your food and Stay Slim?

That's right! Eat and still stay slim. The secret? High Fiber diet. What goes in - processed and must go OUT! And the only to get them out is that you have enough water and Fibre. Don't believe me? Try PHHP High Fiber Trial pack of 3 packets with a shaker for only RM20 and you will see what I mean.

Call me for your trial pack. 012 3212 797


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Home Party

5th August 2010 Thursday will be our once every 2 month's Super Career Testimonial & Birthday Celebration (for August baby). Come and see for yourself 'kisah benar' of those who had made it, career wise. Light snack will be served.

Hope to see you guys!

CP Chin Soo Piau & Me

Well, what I've learnt from this exciting CP is, Dare to make the change! He saw, he came and he made it! And guess what? He is only 1 year my senior! Amazing result starts from small result.

Add oil!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Activity for August 2010

2nd August 2010. Monday. 8:30pm Puchong Office. Guest speaker from Malacca. CP Chin Soo Piau. He is well known in Malacca for his 'duck' aka 'Duck King'. His sales can go up to 1000 duck a day! Now, he is full time with his wife in PHHP. Come on Monday and see what he has to say. Don't be late! Bring along your friends, especially business man and women.

Quack! Quack! Cheers!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

5th July 2010

5th July 2010 8:30pm (Monday) Izumi Talk by CP Geh Ciu Mei. Understand more about Izumi range of Facial product. Live testimonial & Live demo. Come and witness for yourself why Izumi has explode in the recent market!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Activity for July 2010

Cool Chick!!!

Half year gone. Another half coming. Let's make the best of it!

Puchong, 8:30pm
1st July (Thursday) Home Party. It's Product Testimonial time. Get ready your cameras and come and witness for yourself some true testimonial. Those who are born in July, please come over too as we will celebrate your birthday too!

5th July (Monday) Izumi Talk. Presented by CP Geh Ciu Mei.

12th - 13th July (Monday - Tuesday) CP Workshop @ Genting

19th July (Monday) Journey To Success (JTS) Recognizing those who had done well in June.

26th July (Monday) Travel Adwards Presentation. First batch of qualifiers for Beijing 2011!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

21st June 2010 Journey To Success

Who made it? Jeffery Ho is now better known as CP Jeffery Ho. He has made it!

And we are going to celebrate his achievement! Come and feel it for yourself! Puchong Office, 8:30pm. Come early to get a good seat right in front.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Awards Presentation

2 more months!!! I will be crowned together with the others who had also done it!!! More than 1000 friends will be clapping for me. Camera shots, shouts... etc. What a wonderful night. Be prepared and fast as tables are limited!!!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Promotion for June 2010


With the purchase of any Izumi products worth RM800 and above, Free Izumi Limited Edition Travel Bag. While stock last!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hello June!

Here comes June 2010. If you are going to fight for Beijing 2011, it's now or never. Start your plan today - now!

What's on for June 2010?

Every Monday 8:30pm at Puchong Office (Bandar Putri, Puchong)

7th CP Lim Siew Ying

14th CP Mr Kuah - Criteria to be successful

21th (JTS) Journey To Success

28th CP Chong Yin Onn - Motivation

Every Wednesday 8:30 at Seremban Office

9th CP Zenne Lee from JB - Change

16th CP Chong Yin Onn - Motivation

23rd CP Lee Siew Ching - Career

30th CP Lee Chee Lan - Why must we consume supplement?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Skin Problem

This is a true story of a before after case of a lady in Malacca. Psoriasis! She has been in this condition for more than 8 years! After trying so many products and methods, spend thousands of money. Still cannot find the answer to her suffering.

After being recommend by a dear friend PHHP products, she tried the 'package' and it worked! Well, she is a total different lady today. A very happy lady, I would say.

Never try, never know.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

RM20 Trial Pack

For friends who is visiting my blog for the very first time. What's this all about? Detox & Cleansing! Basically, it's a simple program to Clean the dirtiest part of our body - Colon! What does that cost? Not a bomb, but just RM20 for 3 days!

Give it a try today! Detox - You'll Love it!

You can contact me @ 012 3212 797 or email me
Cash On Delivery within Klang Valley area.
For POS delivery: will be charged according to Poslaju current rate.
You can also purchase in a box (15 packets) RM68 (member), RM85 (non member)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Our New office

Here you go. The Official Address and Location Map. If you still can't find it, let me know. Office will only start operation on Tuesday 11th May 2010. Office hours remained the same.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Activity for whole of May 2010

Puchong Home Party 6th May 2010 (Thursday) - 8:30pm Product Testimonial & Birthday Celebration. This will be the last activity run in Puchong Jaya Office. We will be moving to our new office on Monday (10th May 2010). Bring along your friends, especially those who are born in May. Let us celebrate their birthday together.


Activity for May 2010

Puchong Puteri Office 8:30pm (Monday)

10th Off. Moving to new Office.

17th Future of PHHP. CEO Winston Chen

23rd NDS. Participant must have attended NDO.

24th PHHP Travel to Beijing. Andy

26th Leader Meeting. Manager and above. Learn more about Izumi and Shaker.

31th JTS. Journey To Success. Recognition for all new achievers for the month of April 2010.

Klang Office 8:30pm (Friday)

7th Motivation. CP Chong Yin Onn

14th Success Attitude. CP Mr Kuah

21st Motivation. CP Jenny Chin

28th Take control of your Career & Future. CP Lee Siew Chin

Seremban Office 8:30pm (Wednesday)

12th 5P. CP Lam You Ling

19th Motivation. CP Kelly Wong

26th Pot Luck. Father Mother's Day.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Promotion for May 2010

Lingzhi (60) RM138 83BV
Lingzhi (30) RM 28 -
Total RM 166 83BV

Colostrum(120) RM 98 59BV
Colostrum(60) RM 23 -
Total RM 121 59BV

3. Premier Orange Set RM104.90 63BV
Free 1 Shampoo and a Bag

Friday, April 30, 2010

Monday 3rd May 2010

What's this? This is our very own new building (新办事处)- new office. We will be moving in on 10th May 2010. Excited? Sure am. Will draft a map later.

What's on this coming Monday 3rd May 2010? OPP, Puchong office. 8:30pm Main Speaker, CP Lee Chee Lan. Topic : Why do we need to take supplement? (为什么我们需要保健品?) Come early as we expect a full house on that night (早点来). Bring along a few friends (带动更多的朋友).


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

29th April 2010

29th April 2010. 8:30pm Puchong Office.
Leadership Meeting. For Manager and above.

Dress Code : PHHP T-Shirt

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Activity from 22nd - 26th April 2010

22nd April 2010. Thursday. 8:30pm Home Party - Izumi Party. Puchong Office.

23rd April 2010. Friday. 8:00pm Home Party - Izumi Party. Klang Office.

26th April 2010. Monday. 8:30pm OPP - Izumi Talk. Puchong Office.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Activity for April 2010

9th April 2010 Friday. Klang. 8:30pm. OPP. Guest speaker from Malacca - CP Simple Chin. aka the CP who sold 600 shaker in a month to start off his journey in PHHP. A very successful business man before and also now, in PHHP.

12th April 2010 Monday. Puchong. 8:30pm. OPP. Guest speaker - CP Chong Yin Onn. Title : The Four Season. This is a reminder to us on the importance of time.

16th - 18th April 2010. LifeCamp! Once in a Year event. Please don't miss this opportunity. Especially for those who qualified. Register before 9th April 2010.

19th April 2010. Monday. Puchong. 8:30pm. JTS - Journey To Success. Recognition for achievers in March 2010. Promotions, 4000 PGBV achievers plus special cash prize Lucky Draw!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Monday 5th April - OPP


Monday 5th April 2010. 8:30pm Puchong Office. OPP. Main Speaker - CP Geh Chew Mei. Bring along your friends!!!

What's the photo all about? Well, Life Camp! Please don't miss this rare opportunity! It's a once a year event! You will actually learn more about yourself in Life Camp. This is a truly special Camp that will change your life! Really hope to see you guys in Life Camp 2010.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Manager Meeting

Hahaha.... What's up guys? Have you all been detox lately. I know I have.

Today is 25thMarch 2010, Thursday. And today is Manager Meeting (for Manager and above). PHHP Puchong office, 8:30pm. Main speaker is non other than CP Kelly Wong (photo). Her title is "The many Role of a Leader".

Well, April is the month to get all fire up again. After months of festival and resting. It's time to push further and create a record 2010 for ourselves! What do you say?


Friday, March 19, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Monday 22nd March 2010

And come Monday the 22nd of March 2010. Another day to celebrate those who had done well in February 2010. Newly promoted achievers and 4000PGBV will all be recognized once again! Bring along your friends who had doubt in this business. We have prove and life testimonial - both product and career.

Be early, ya! Starts at 8:30pm but please come at 8pm and choose your favourite sitting.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Zhang Jia Jie, China

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9!!! Nine buses!!! And they all have to be the same color and model. That's not an easy task for Zhang Jia Jie Travel Industry. First time ever, 300 over people in one tour. It's a record for them and for us as well. PHHP is already a famous name among the Zhang Jia Jie people.

Of course. Snow!!! That's what we all are waiting for....

For more exciting photo and sharing, make sure you come on Monday 15th March 2010, 8:30pm. It's Zhang Jia Jie Sharing night. See you guys!!!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thurday 25th Feb 10

What's on this coming Thursday? Manager Meeting. Only for Manager and above. Dress code : PHHP T-Shirt. 8:30pm Puchong.

NDO? Yes! 21st March 2010. Hurry, please register early to avoid disappointment. Only 100 seats!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!

PHHP Puchong Office will be closed on 13th (Saturday) till 16th (Tuesday). Will be back in business on 17th (Wednesday). Shake more cups (sharing). Help more people - there's just too much yummy things to enjoy. Share more wealth - everyone wants to earn more!!!


Friday, February 5, 2010

PHHP Central Region Awards Presentation 2010

What an unforgettable night it was! Everything was perfect! The food, the atmosphere and best of all, the crowd and the People! Take a look for yourself!

You should have been there to take the photo yourself with the superstars!

6th Feb (Saturday) Jinjang. 7pm. PHHP Central Region Awards Presentation. Dinner, live performances and the highlight of the night - (Crown President) CP Recognition! I am one of them! So excited.

Restaurant Choi Wah
No. 7677, Jalan Theatre, Jinjang Utara,
52000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 603 6258 8816