Friday, October 30, 2009

Launching New Product - Ophira (Collagen)

Please be reminded that the Promotion is only available on Launching Day!!! Save up to RM74! Place your order today!!!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Activity for October 2009

Lots of activities are lined up for October 09. Please make good use of them to build a strong foundation for the year 2010. Cheers!

07 October (Wednesday) Seremban. 8:30pm. Izumi Party by CP Lim Siew Peng.

08 October (Thursday) Old Klang Road. 8:30pm. Cheras Home Party.

09 October (Friday) Klang. 8:30pm. OPP. My future in not only a dream by CP Fanny Kwan.

12 October (Monday) Puchong. 8:30pm. OPP. Fiber Talk by CP Geh Ciu Mei.

14 October (Wednesday) Seremban. 8:30pm. OPP by CP Lee Chee Lan.

15 October (Thursday) Old Klang Road. 8:30pm. Cheras Super Party.

16 October (Friday) Klang. 8:30pm. OPP. Let your dreams soar by CP Chong Yin Onn.

19 October (Monday) Puchong. 8:30pm. Journey to Success plus Travel Awards Presentation.

21 October (Wednesday) Seremban. 8:30pm. OPP. My Success Story by CP Karen Chin & Lee Soh Moi.

22 October (Thursday) Old Klang Road. 8:30pm. Cheras Izumi Party.

23 October (Friday) Klang. 8:30pm. OPP. Water Filter by CP Eric Chia.

26 October (Monday) Puchong. 8:30pm. Izumi.

28 October (Thursday) Seremban. 8:30pm. Where Beauty Begins by CP Yong Lip Moi.

29 October (Thursday) Puchong. 8:30pm. Leader Meeting (Manager and Above).

30 October (Friday) Klang. 8:30pm. Home Party