Saturday, July 16, 2011


All kinds of illnesses are terrible. Cancer, heart attack, migrane...etc. Diabetes is among one of the most heart breaking encounter. It will start off with one of the leg. If not taken care of, it will be soon amputated. Then the other leg...

Below is a patient who had a toe clipped off as it's already 'dead'. Then a stranger recommend some very simple products. Namely: Fiber, Greens and Aloe Vera Juice. He tried it for a few months and now, he is fully recovered. Saved both of his legs and is able to drive his car!

Condition got worse as days goes by.

Condition improved after taking the products for a few weeks.

Discharged from hospital and on the road to recovery

Happy man. And is able to drive his car. Thanks for the 3 simple products.

Just give it a try. A month or 2. It might save your life!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Halal Cert

As per requested by my muslin friends. Here is the copy of Halal Cert. Please be assured that PHHP, the company, will do all their might to comply to all laws in the hope of doing a long term healthy business. Guna tanpa was-was!