Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Home Party

Help!!! That was what in his mind. Who is he? A stranger? A friend? A relative? Your child? Helping someone should not limited. It should be Helping anyone who needs Help.

He had consulted many professionals but all didn't help. Well, after consuming our 3 main products - Phyto Fiber, Phyto Greens and Aloe Vera Juice for about 6 months, the result is very satisfying.

Make yourself free on this coming Thursday (2nd July 09) at Puchong Office 8:30pm for more Real Life Product Testimonial - Home Party. Bring along your friends. Light food will be served. Please come early and get a nice seat - in front! See you guys later.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Thank You!!!

A weekend well spent, indeed! We have learn so much during our 3 days 2 nights LifeCamp in Malacca. One of the many things that we have learn is to be Grateful. Here, I would like to take this opportunity to Thank all my Friends who had made my life a Colorful life.

Deep down in my heard, each and everyone of you are Special and Unique. I wish that you all will have a good health and stay happy all the time.

There's OPP tonight at Puchong Jaya, 8:30pm. And the topic is - LifeCamp Sharing. Come and see what we had learn over a short period of 3 days. Bring along your friends so that we can become their friends too.


Monday, June 15, 2009

JTS - Journey To Success

Hey! What's this all about? Well, it's about who had done well last month! Yes, we are recognizing those who had achieved either 4000 PGBV or Promotion in the month of May.

Something to shout about? Oh, ya! I've got 2 New Manager, a New Vice President and a New President! Come over and give them your full support as they will do the same for you when you do well this month. Even the lion and the deer (is that a deer?) are celebrating together. Come and witness for yourself the achievement of the Lion and the deer!!!

JTS starts at 8:30pm (sharp) at Puchong Office. If you can't find the place, please refer to my Map to Puchong Office (under good to know). Come early to get a good seat. Let's move it, move it, move it...


Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday 08 June 2009

What's happening today? After a wonderful weekend where we had our Izumi Carnival which is a blast, it's back to Monday again!!!

Tonight is a special night. CP Yeo Bee Goh will be sharing her Story with us. How and why she started off this business. Her experience is unique. She had shown and proven to us that anyone who has the determination to succeed WILL eventually succeed. Like herself.

So, come over tonight and don't forget to bring along your friends too.

See you guys tonight!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Izumi Carnival - 6th June 2009 (Saturday)

Izumi Carnival - 6th June 2009

Love Yourself, Be Beautiful Always

  • Enjoy Healthy Food
  • Know Your Health Status
  • Have a Changeover of Yourself
  • Learn Good Exercise to Maintain Good Body Shape
  • Proper Way For Weight Management
  • Makeover: Nail Arts, Beautiful Bags, Jewellery, etc
  • Get Cash Rebate on Izumi Product


6:00 – 7:00pm Entrance. 1st Stop: Meal Box

6:00 – 8:00pm Women Street

2nd Stop: Health Analysis

3rd Stop: Self-Test Fashion Style

4th Stop: Weight Management

5th Stop: Shopping Booth

(1) Makeup

(2) Nail Art

6th Stop: Experience Izumi Product

6:00 – 10:30pm Sales Counter

8:00 – 8:30pm Izumi Talk

8:30 – 10:00pm Izumi Competition

9:45 – 10:00pm Izumi Spokeperson Show Up

10:00 – 10:30pm Lucky Draw / Announce Result

1st Prize: 1 Set Izumi Skin Care Series (RM640)

2nd Prize: 1 Bottle Izumi Ocean Serum (RM168)

3rd Prize: 1 Bottle Izumi Revive Gel (RM118)

  • Each ticket can redeem: 1 meal box, 1 health analysis card, 1 style self-test card, weight management book.

  • Each ticket can get cash rebate of RM20 on 1 Izumi product by presenting the ticket to the sales counter (Valid on the function period only)

  • Get your ticket (only RM20) from your upline or me (0123212797) ASAP!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Activity for June 09

Hi, Guys!

What's happening in June 2009?

1 June Puchong 8:30pm. Izumi Preview. Also presenting those who had maintained 4000PGBV for 3 months consecutively. 4000PGBV Lucky Draw. There will be cat walk by our Izumi Participants (refer to the above photo). So, bring your friends and cameras too!

4 June Puchong 8:30pm. Home Party. Presented by CP Lee Chee Lan

5 June Klang. 8:30pm. CP Chong Yin Onn - Motivation

6 June Puchong. Izumi Carnival