Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good Morning

What do you know? It's the end of the month for April 09. Time flies!!!

At this time, some people are sad and some are happy. Those who did well and are waiting for their salary will be very happy. Those who did poorly and are issuing salaries will be very sad. Well, life goes on.

With the outbreak of swine virus, everyone would need to be extra careful. Be very clean and maintain or increase your level of immunity by consuming Greens. Avoid meat altogether. Starting to sound like someone's mother. I shall stop nagging now.

In a nut shell - stay healthy.

I will post May's Activity later. May will be an exciting month!!! If this excitement continues, 2009 will be a wonderful year!

Happy Labour's Day!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Activity for the month of April 2009

First Week of April - Plan your Work and then Work your Plan

01th April Fool!!! Be Carefull!!!

03th April Klang, 8:30pm. CP Chong Yin Onn
06th April Puchong, 8:30pm. CP Lim Siew Ching
07th April Gombak, VP Zainuddin
09th April Puchong, 8:30pm. Career Testimonial
12th April Puchong, 10am-6pm. NDS
13th April Puchong, 8:30pm. CP Chong Yin Onn, The 4 Season
20th April Puchong, 8:30pm. CP Paul, Journey to Success
27th April Puchong, 8:30pm. CP Geh Ciu Mei, Beauty Talk

Fail to Plan is Plan to Fail.