Sunday, May 17, 2009

Journey To Success (JTS)

Yup! You are not dreaming. We are actually training ants to make money!!! Just kidding.

Make sure you come on Monday 18th May to learn the Secret to Success. Mr Chiam is one of the very best speaker I have ever known. He is rated as a 5 Star Motivator. Come and hear him out yourself. Guess what? He seldom come down to Central Region due to his busy schedule. So, please grab this rare opportunity to meet him in person and snap a photo with him.

Please do Come Early! Cheers!

Mr Chiam and Me

18th May Puchong, 8:30pm. Journey to Success. AGM Mr Chiam
20th May Seremban 8:30pm. Fiber
22th May Klang 8:30. My Story. CP Mae Wong and CP Kelly Wong
25th May Puchong, 8:30pm. Double Action. CP Geh Ciu Mei
29th May Klang 8:30. CP Eric Chia

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