Friday, May 1, 2009

Activities for the month of May 2009

Rain or Shine, there's still work to be finished. I can still remember how I used to cry and felt so sad when I was not able to go to school because I overslept. I was only 7 years old (Standard 1)! How come? I will missed my new friends, I will missed my teachers, I will missed my drawing class... etc. I felt at home being at school. It has somehow blend into me. Try to blend into PHHP and you will know what I mean. Really!

As the saying goes : If there is a Will, there is a Way.

Here's the activities for the Month of May 2009:

01th May Klang, 8:30pm. CP Chong Yin Onn
04th May Puchong, 8:30pm. CP Jasmine Mar
07th May Puchong, 8:30pm. Izumi Party
17th May Puchong, 12:30-6pm NDO

Will be updated every week.

Last Word? Life Goes On and Goals need to be reached. Time will not wait for anyone so let's get started, ALREADY!

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