Sunday, March 15, 2009

Trip to Korea : 5-12 Mar 09

A 7 Days 6 Nights in Korea. 8 buses! What can I say? How was it? Some of us has taken more than 1000 photos. I have picked up 1 photo that would summarize my whole trip :

It's like being a child again. Happy. Fun. Adventurous.

Food! Food! Food! We had wonderful meals everyday. Worry not. Cause we have Fiber :)

I have watched a little of this movie but never thought I would one day be in the cast!

Learning and experiencing new things is what we do. First time skiing!!! Many falls but I got up and try again. That is part of learning process.

Going on a trip with a group of FUN people makes the journey even more enjoyable! They really know how to enjoy!!! Cheers!

After the trip, we are now all charged up and looking forward to our next trip, next year -

Zhang Jia Jie, China!!!

Wanna join us? Hope to see you there! :)

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